How To Bulk Delete Thunderbird Group Email FAST!

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Everyone has to clean up their email Inbox eventually, and some of us have groups where every member hits “Reply To All” every time they respond. Are you tired of having to sort your email and delete all those responses by sender?

Thunderbird has an easy way to fix the problem. After a quick setup, the process is fast and easy.

Here are the steps to set up a system for handling all the emails related to a particular group of addresses:

First let’s collect the email names and addresses for the group.

  1. Open a fresh text file.

Now let’s set up a new Address Book.

  1. In Thunderbird, select Tools > Address Book to open the Address Book window.

Time to add a new Tag.

  1. Select Message > Tag > New Tag.

Now let’s add a Message Filter to assign the new tag to emails related to the new Address Book.

  1. Select Tools > Message Filters and select New in the Message Filters window.

The set up process is done and we’re ready to use the filter.

From now on, all incoming email containing any email address from the new list you just set up will be assigned the new tag you created.

To use this filter to manually assign the new tag to existing email in your Inbox, go to the Message Filters window, select your new filter, make sure the Inbox is selected for the correct email address (if you have more than one email address), and click “Run Now.”

To bulk delete emails assigned the new tag, make sure View > Toolbars > Mail Toolbar is enabled. Then:

  1. Make sure the “Quick Filter” button is clicked to display a list of icons.

That’s all there is to it!



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L. Keith Jordan

L. Keith Jordan is a Certified Public Accountant based in Texas. He is a published author, technical editor, and creator of numerous CPE courses for CPAs.