The #NA is an indication that a formula can’t find something you told it to use in order to return the result you requested.

The #NA is not inherently harmful and it disappears as soon as the cell formula has the information needed to fulfill its mission. There may actually be some situations where you want to see the #NA to prompt you to correct an error. However, a spreadsheet full of needless #NAs can ruin the aesthetics of your hard work, and they can also potentially cause you to overlook errors that need correcting.


The solution is easy, simply…

Mozilla Thunderbird Email search results for lorem ipsum.

Everyone has to clean up their email Inbox eventually, and some of us have groups where every member hits “Reply To All” every time they respond. Are you tired of having to sort your email and delete all those responses by sender?

Thunderbird has an easy way to fix the problem. After a quick setup, the process is fast and easy.

Here are the steps to set up a system for handling all the emails related to a particular group of addresses:

First let’s collect the email names and addresses for the group.

  1. Open a fresh text file.
  2. In Thunderbird…

Photo by Lloyd Blunk on Unsplash

(This is an opinion article. It contains no financial advice and should not be used to make investment decisions.)

In case you weren’t paying attention last week, a group on Reddit called r/Wallstreetbets targeted short sellers of GameStop and other companies. Using Robinhood investing accounts, this group bid GameStop’s stock price to the moon — at times up roughly 2,500% (that’s not a typo).

The news media began having a frenzy field day, billing it as “David vs. Goliath.” Short sellers were vilified. The Redditors were gleefully sticking it to the Wall Street suits.

As Robinhood halted and then limited…

L. Keith Jordan

L. Keith Jordan is a Certified Public Accountant based in Texas. He is a published author, technical editor, and creator of numerous CPE courses for CPAs.

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